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Why Teeth Cleaning Is Important?

Bright Smile With Regular Teeth Cleaning Just like making sure you’re in good health with a regular physical, having your teeth cleaned once a year is just as important. Dental cleanings from a professional aren’t just for keeping your smile bright but have a significant impact on your general health as well. Major insufficient oral [...]

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What To Do When Dental Bridge Falls Out?

Crowns and bridges are needed to be bonded to supporting teeth underneath. From time to time, these crowns and bridges may fall out for one reason or another. Though most of the time people don’t experience any level of discomfort when this happens, the significant size of the restorations can dramatically impact the way your [...]

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Does Laser Teeth Whitening Affect Fillings?

Laser Whitening Has Better Ratings We know that laser whitening treatment offers far more satisfying results than other whitening products and bleaches sold over the counter. And whether you prefer the original way of whitening or not, laser whitening has higher satisfaction ratings for whitening than all the rest. With such high praise, is the [...]

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When Should Tooth Fillings Be Replaced?

Fillings decay over time for many reasons, some preventable and some not. Number one reason is that chewing the food can damage fillings over time and cause them to deteriorate.  If you clench your teeth or grind the teeth (stress related) that can also hurt the teeth. The tooth can also decay underneath the fillings.  Tooth-colored [...]

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Cases Where Invisalign Doesn’t Work?

Invisalign can be the benefit to many people seeking invisible attachments. Many things can affect your choice of braces. Sometimes, Invisalign isn't the best choice regarding many components. The case for everyone is different. These are the elements and the instances when Invisalign could be the wrong choice. If you are talking about your job, this [...]

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What Factors Impact the Cost of Dental Implants?

        Dental Implants are the most efficient way to replace broken or missing teeth, crowns or to support bridges. Sometimes patient's dental insurance may not cover the cost of dental implants procedure.  What factors may influence the value of dental implants? Number of replacements Cost of replacing several teeth will be logically more than replacing [...]

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Benefits of Laser Dentistry Procedures

People fear dentists, pain and dental drill anxiety is widely spread. With new laser technology, there is no need for panic. If you are incredibly anxious about the appointment, you can seek out the ones that have incorporated laser techniques into their practices. There are the couple of reasons to bring your smile back. Laser [...]

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Digital X-rays Vs Traditional Radiography

In 1985, German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen first introduced radiology to the world. Since this breakthrough achievement into the science of x-rays, medical radiography has only continued to exceed technological boundaries and modern medicine. Since then, modern technology has taken this method and advanced it over and over, just like every other device out there today. [...]

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How Effective Is Laser Whitening?

Laser Whitening Treatment Lasers are no longer just for spaced out Sc-Fi films. Today, modern dentistry has jumped leaps bounds on how our pearly whites can be cared for and lasers are the latest tool in getting one’s yellow teeth sparkling once more. It’s known as laser whitening treatment and it can lighten teeth by [...]

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