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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance: Things You Need to Know Dental insurance is one of those topics that you just dread having to deal with because it’s never an easy task to tackle. However, it’s often a necessary aspect for any person or family simply because dental costs can be hard to cover out of pocket. Without insurance, [...]

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Dental Sealants Procedure

Dental sealants are a common procedure that the majority of people experience at least once in their life. Sealants are a plastic-like coating placed over the surface of your teeth. The sealant is usually placed on the back teeth, or molars, and sinks into the natural grooves of your teeth. Dental sealants help protect these [...]

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How dose Hyaluronic acid injections work?

Our joints can take a beating throughout our daily routines. So much so, that by the time we’re twenty, we’re feeling the stiffness and pain in our joints that we wouldn’t expect until we’re eighty. However, conditions, injuries, etc. can cause our joints to be a little rougher than normal which often causes many people [...]

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Laser Use In Dentistry

Since 1994, Lasers have been used in dentistry to treat many dental problems that have advanced dental hygiene procedures astronomically. Still, despite the FDA’s approval, no laser system has received the American Dental Association's (ADA) Seal of Acceptance as an alternative to more traditional dental treatment. That coveted seal assures dentists that the product or [...]

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