The Benefits of Same Day Crowns

The majority of patients already know what crowns are or at least what they’re used for. Crowns are used to repair a tooth or strengthen it. Crowns can take multiple visits since they have to be perfectly matched to your teeth. This often means an impression of your teeth is made, then sent off to [...]

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Different Types of Dental Crowns

Several Forms of Dental Crowns Teeth cleanings, cavity fillings and bonding’s comprise most of a dentist’s routine sessions. But now more involved procedures are common and even easier to complete. In addition to root canals and wisdom tooth extractions, dental crowns are often needed as well and come in several forms. Before we differentiate between [...]

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When Dental Crowns Are Necessary?

Dental Crowns Use For some people the dentist is a scary place that they dread going to and others find it fun and enjoyable. So, let’s say you just visited your dental office for a cleaning and exam. You brush and floss religiously and your teeth felt fine going in, but after your dentist informs [...]

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