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Advanced Laser Dentistry In Surprise, AZ

Denture Relines

As time goes on, your gum tissues change causing the dentures to sometimes become loose, creating movement of dentures, making it difficult to speak and chew food.

There are 3 types of denture relines to choose from and determine which is best to suit your needs, Dr. Vo will reline your dentures as needed, typically every one – two years, with your regular yearly exams this will detected before any problems arise.

Hard Denture Reline

Every two years, all full dentures should have a hard reline process performed, which entails Dr. Vo to remove a thin layer of plastic from the inside of the denture surface, an impression is then made and sent to the lab, adjusting the dentures to securely fit the new shape of your gums.

Soft Denture Reline

This process is available for patients who are prone to sore spots or tender gums, and are not able to wear ordinary standard hard surface dentures.

Dr. Vo relines the dentures with a soft, pliable material that will need to be replaced every year.  Patients with this type of reline may consider a permanent solution such as Implant Retained Dentures.

Temporary Denture Reline

If the dentures are not service or assessed with regular yearly exams with Dr. Vo,  gums may become irritated such as red, swollen and misshapen, causing a problem in taking impressions for a new hard or soft reline, therefore a temporary reline will be recommended.

This process entails a medicated reline material to be applied to the denture, allowing the inflammation to subside and heal.  This reline adjusts the denture to fit tightly and is usually soft and pliable.

After a few weeks, when the gums have returned to a healthy state, then Dr. Vo will do a hard reline on the denture for a long term, healthy denture fit.

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