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Fastbraces is a more recent development, being utilized a little over 20 years.

It offers a different outlook and direct approach that can be less time for you to go through the process. Typical braces you generally look at 2 or more years where Fastbraces is offering months. This alone can be exciting and less stressful of making the transition.

Traditional braces use multiple wires, sometimes extracting teeth, and/or possibly changing your natural bite. Focuses on the crown on the tooth movements and delayed root movement. There is some pain that occurs with the shifting of teeth and with the frequent tightening or loosening of the braces themselves at your visits. When the braces are no longer in, it’s usually recommended that you always wear your retainer.

Fastbraces offers a one wire, and persevering natural bite option. The focus is on moving the root of the tooth and the crown at the same time and that allowing the entire process to be a different and quicker experience. In result of the new technique, less extractions have to happen. The positive sides reported are less pain, and shorter retainer periods. Did we mention, less time having to wear them? Fastbraces technology leaves you having less adjustments with the Dr and a quicker experience overall so to not be a major inconvenience.


This new technology provides a triangle shaped bracket. They are self-ligating which is why they do not need the additional wires to and bands to hold them together and in place. Having less in the structure changes the friction and effects that it has onto the teeth and wires themselves resulting in the decrease of visits for adjustments.

Due to the shorter time periods this can greatly reduce costs.

This really is too good, and it’s true. You get quality without high costs, and a desired effect, for much less time.

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