First Dental Visit

The arrival of baby teeth is a momentous thing because it means children have graduated to eating a variety of new foods. In addition to celebrating this new exciting stage in your baby’s development, you should also begin to plan the first dentist visit. Although parents may not yet be concerned with the dental care, it’s recommended that the first dentist visit for children take place before a baby’s first birthday. Initially, dental visits are mostly informative, but even at a young age, dental professionals help to establish a proper oral care routine that can start their dental health outright.

Before your first dentist visit, be sure that your child is well rested and not hungry around the time of the appointment. It’s smart to check with your dental insurance provider about copays and coverage before the day of your child’s first dentist visit. Most dental providers will ask for proof of dental and medical insurance at a time of service, so be ready with the needed documents. Lastly, bring a list of your child’s current medications, and be prepared to fill out a detailed health history form.

Although it isn’t necessary to prepare young children in advance of a dental appointment, you may want to discuss the possibilities of the first visit with an older child. If your child is experiencing some anxiety over a dental appointment, try to ease their worries by reading books about dentists or by watching television shows to help to visualize what the visit will be like.

As the first visit is happening, your dentist will typically educate parents on proper gum and tooth care for babies. You may also discuss the best practice for pacifier use and how proper nutrition helps to maintain healthy teeth. Your dental professional should also demonstrate brushing techniques for parents so that they are able to knowledgeably assist young children with oral care and make sure it’s done properly to their child’s benefit.

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