It’s inevitable that with every new year comes a time where we start to examine ourselves and our daily habits. For many of us that means we will be focusing on our health more than anything. While you’re focusing on your health, it’s a good time to also examine your dental habits and make adjustments to better your oral health in the new year. If you’re not sure how to do that, here are a few ideas to get you motivated.

Set Reminders

For most of us, it’s as simple as just forgetting to add in certain dental habits rather than just not doing them purposely. Therefore, it would be beneficial to have a reminder we can set and forget about that will help us remember throughout the day. Be sure to set the reminder in such a way that it will actually help you remember. For example, don’t set an alarm on your phone for a time you’ll be at the office and unable to really expound upon the reminder. Instead, choose a method that will be beneficial such as an alarm for when you get home from work or a sticky note on the mirror.

Keep Mouthwash by the Sink

Many people see mouthwash as an extra task that’s optional. Of course, you never have to do anything but, mouthwash shouldn’t be viewed that way. It’s very useful for cleaning and reaching all the small crooks and crannies that your toothbrush and floss won’t reach. You could be leaving plaque or harmful bacteria in some places which can cause decay. If you keep mouthwash in plain view, it will make it easier to remember to use it and add a great addition to your routine.

Take Floss with You

Flossing is probably one of the main tasks as far as dental habits go, that’s left forgotten a majority of the time. However, it’s one of the most important habits that shouldn’t be skipped. It removes excess pieces from between your teeth that your toothbrush can’t always reach or remove. Flossing when you brush is a great habit to get into, however, taking floss with you in your car, leaving some in your desk at work, etc. is also a great way to fit it in in between meals.

Eat Healthier

With the new year comes a focus on better eating habits and health all the way around. Use this opportunity to boost your dental habits as well. Eating less junk food such as soda and candy makes it easier on your teeth since those items can cause harm to your teeth. So, it’s a two for one, you get healthy and you’re helping your teeth stay healthy all at once.

Overall, the new year is great for allowing a lot of changes and growth in our life. Be sure to add dental habits to your list of focuses for this new year.