Some of us believe we have good oral hygiene until something happens and we realize we weren’t quite where we should be. A great oral hygiene routine is vital to keeping a long-lasting, beautiful smile, with little work being required throughout your lifetime. However, it can sometimes be confusing, with all the information out there, to know what is best for our teeth and oral hygiene in general. Here are a few basic tips to ensure you maintain good oral hygiene.

Never Skip the Basics

Sometimes we feel like it’s ok to skip a brushing or two, maybe flossing, or even mouthwash. However, we can only skip so many of these before it starts to take a toll on our oral health. Maintaining good oral health heavily relies on sticking to the basics because those basics are preventative steps that create the foundation of your future oral health.

Set Reminders

Sometimes, we get so busy that we simply forget to take a quick moment to care for ourselves in the most basic manners. Setting little reminders, for example, in our phones, will help us remember to brush, floss, and use mouthwash when we need to. These reminders can also be used to tell us when it’s time for a checkup with your dentist so you can call and setup an appointment. It’s always good when we’re honest with ourselves in admitting that we might need reminders, even if it’s just for the basics. This will ensure that all our bases are covered to maintain good oral health.

Always Go to Checkups

It’s a rule of thumb that you visit the dentist at least every six months in order to get a checkup, cleaning, etc. Many people believe this is unnecessary and will wait years and years in between visits. However, things like plaque will buildup on teeth causing issues to arise, major and minor, over time without the care of a dental professional. Plaque, especially, can’t be removed by you or an over the counter option. It has to be removed by a professional with special dental tools. When you wait for long periods between checkups, you could be causing unwarranted issues to pop up in your oral hygiene.

Use the Right Brush and Brush Properly

A lot of people don’t realize that there’s a right and wrong toothbrush for each person and that brushing too much or too hard can be detrimental. More times than not, it’s important that you use only a soft bristled brush. Also, when buying brushes, always make sure the head of the brush will fit comfortably in the hard to reach areas. Be careful to not brush too hard, this will wear away at the enamel on your teeth, causing sensitivity and other issues.