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Advanced Laser Dentistry in Surprise

When it becomes unavoidable to extract all the remaining teeth, Immediate Dentures are the way to go avoiding the inconvenience of living without teeth.

At the first visit, Dr. Vo will take impressions of your existing teeth and gums to create an accurate duplicate for placement.

At the second visit, Dr. Vo will extract the remaining teeth in which your Immediate Dentures will be inserted to produce a normal smile.


Once you have the Immediate Dentures in for a short time as your gums heal, there will need to be adjustments on your dentures to ensure a proper fit and structural spacing.

After Extractions

Regular check ups and maintenance will need to be followed up on after Immediate Dentures are placed to monitor the healing process.  Your gums and bone will reduce in size after extractions are done, causing your dentures to need adjustments, creating a more comfortable and exact fit.

Sometimes temporary linings or tissues conditioners are needed as well as a denture reline, Dr. Vo  will advise you of the best treatment for your needs.

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