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Missing teeth can only affect your bite it also affects your ability to speak and chew.  Missing teeth increases the burden on your remaining teeth causing pain in the jaws which in turn cause headaches.
Implant Retained Dentures are becoming the new choice over the traditional removable dentures that has been the choice for many years.

Implant Retained Dentures offer a variety of benefits that make it a better choice!

Generally made from a plastic base with artificial teeth positioned on the frame.  Implant Retained Dentures help keep your facial structure younger looking holding the bone structure in place.


There are three different attachments to choose from, depending on your needs and personal choice.

Option 1:  Ball Attachment Denture

This option allows your lower denture to be more stable while chewing, however there is still movement of the lower denture without bonding material applied.

This procedure entails two implants to be place in your lower jaw and a denture made that snaps on the implants.

Option 2.  Bar Attachment Denture

This option provides more stability than option 1, and allows for less denture movement.  The denture is still removable making for easier cleaning and maintenance.

This option entails four to six implants, dependant upon the size and shape of the jaw bone.  The implants are then connected with a support bar that is custom made for your mouth, your denture will then be attached to the support bar by the special internal clips, enabling the denture to firmly be secured in place.

Option 3:  Screw Retained Denture

This third option allows you to clean under the denture without removing it.  This option will not be removed except at dental maintenance visits.  Many patients prefer this denture option for permanency even though cleaning under the denture can be time consuming.

This option entails placing 5 or more implants in your jaw and with placement of permanent dentures secured with screws or clasps that firmly attach dentures to the support bar.

Upper Implant Retained Dentures

Implant Retained Dentures for the upper jaw has the possibility to eliminate the covering for the roof of your mouth with a complete dentures, allowing you full access to taste and feel the temperature of food.

This option entails more implants to support the dentures due to the softness of the upper jaw bone compared to the lower jaw bone.  This option is more natural feeling as well as removable.

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