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Virtually Painless With Natural Water Powered Dentistry

Going to the dentist can be virtually painless with new technology that is used to perform treatments and procedures.  One such device is called Waterlase, in which Dr. Vo uses a high tech laser and water spray to perform many treatments without a shot or drill, and some cases there is no need for anesthetic.

The Waterlase dentistry combines water, air and laser energy for safe and pain free treatment on teeth, tissues and surrounding areas in the mouth.  Our teeth are partially made up of water and so as the laser makes contact with the tooth, it allows the water molecules to cut through the tooth.  The tooth stays hydrated preventing heat that is causing the pain and swelling, therefore leaving you with a quick, safe and pain free experience.


Some procedures call for more than one appointment when you have a cavity or the need for other procedures.  Waterlase allows your dentistry needs to be met, while saving you time and money by utilizing this high tech device.

Versatile, Safe & Precise

The high tech laser used for the Waterlase makes the device so versatile, allowing Dr. Vo to utilize the Waterlase in both hard and soft tissue procedures such as, removing tooth decay, root canals, cavity preparation as well as gum and bone surgical procedures.

The Waterlase has been proven for safe and effective for numerous dental procedures, with  virtually no direct contact with the tooth, and using disposable tips designed for individual use,  allows a safe, quick, and pain free experience for both pediatrics and adult patients.

Give our Surprise office a call to set up an appointment with Dr. Vo,  The dental choice that is safe and precise, it’s the only way to go!

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