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Dr. Vo, is proud to offer the newest Laser technology available, in his Surprise office.  Laser Therapy is  a quick, effective and essentially pain free laser procedure to aid in the process of Periodontitis,

otherwise known as gum disease.  He is able to regenerate healthy gums and remove diseased tissues, which encourages healthy gum to regenerate and attach to the teeth.  There is a significantly lower chance of gum disease returning when Laser Therapy is used as opposed to traditional surgery.


There are other numerous benefits in using Laser Therapy as opposed to the traditional methods which require a scalpel and sutures.

Comfort:  The stress & anxiety often associated with dental work is eliminated when you experience a quick, effective and basically pain free procedure.  With Laser Therapy, there is reduced and sometimes no bleeding, and minimized swelling leading to a quick, comfortable recovery

Risk Of Infection Reduced:  Due to the high energy of the Laser’s light beam, it acts as a sterilizer on the area involved, thereby, reducing the risk of bacterial infections and relapses.

Risk Of Infection Reduced:  Laser Treatment eliminates the complications and costs associated with anesthesia, therefore, because it is virtually painless, you will no longer suffer with the fear of injections and numbness.  Often, only a light anesthetic spray is all that is required.

Advanced Laser Dentistry is a professional hands on practice with our biggest goal being all about building strong relationships with our clients and making sure we take of our patients the right way the first time!

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