Not many people think about the dental chair in particular when visiting a dental professional’s office. However, a dental professional definitely puts thought into the chairs they might use for many reasons. Not only does a dentist need just the right chair in order to ensure they can do their job effectively, they also want to make sure their patient is as comfortable as possible. A comfortable patient is a calm and satisfied patient.

The Facts

Did you know that a dental patient spends an upwards of 95% of their visit in a dental chair? Some visits can be longer than others. This means a comfortable chair is vital for a visit to feel like it went smoothly. Let’s face it, sometimes the dentist can be stressful depending on the reason a patient is there. If you’re forced to spend even fifteen minutes in a chair that’s uncomfortable, it can cause the appointment to feel even more stressful. Haworth states that reclining a chair even by 20 degrees can release pressure on a spine by 40% which in return, allows a person to not be as tense and reduces stress. If one adjustment, alone, can do that much, imagine if all factors of a patient’s comfort were assessed and put into consideration when a dental chair was being chosen?

What it Means for the Dental Team

A person always works best when they’re not under as much stress, strain, discomfort, etc. A good dental chair is also vital to how well a dental team can do their job. Dental professionals spend hours leaning over dental chairs each day they’re on the job. The chair has to keep their comfort and ease of use in mind as well as the patient’s comfort. A good dental chair will have a high level of adjustments to fit any height, angle, etc., that might be necessary for a dental team to do their job to the best of their ability. Can you imagine trying to look into someone’s mouth for half an hour for a procedure and have to sit crooked and uncomfortable the entire time? It would be difficult to do the best possible job because of the limiting position. A good dental chair alleviates this issue along with many other issues.

Although a dental chair might not seem like it’s that important, as explained above, it’s very important in more ways than one. You might not think twice about the dental chair you slip into when you’re at the dentist, however, give it a little thought the next time you’re in and you’ll quickly notice how much a difference a good dental chair can truly make. Not only for the patient but, for the dental team as well.