Taking care of our teeth can feel like it takes a lot of work. It takes consistency but, really, it doesn’t take a lot of work if done right the first time. However, all of us seem to need some help in repairing our teeth or keeping them protected at one time or another. This is where tooth restoration comes in.

What is Tooth Restoration?

There are many procedures and minor options to restoring or protecting one’s teeth. There are also many reasons why someone may need tooth restoration. For example, maybe you were walking to the car and accidentally trip and fall, chipping a tooth. The repair that will be done on your tooth is part of tooth restoration.

Fillings – Fillings are perhaps one of the more common options when it comes to tooth restoration. Many people all around the world suffer from those pesky little problems called “cavities.” These result in decaying of the teeth and a large dark spot on the tooth. Not to mention, it can also result in your tooth breaking. These are fixed by a filling. The affected part of the tooth is removed and replaced by a filling which can be made of composite resins or various metals.

Implants – Implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. These implants are attached to the jaw in order for the body to react to it like it’s a normal tooth. Implants function, look like, and can even be cared for like normal teeth. They also keep the gum and jaw from decay and other issues since a loss of a teeth can cause problems from that portion of the mouth not being stimulated and used regularly.

Crowns – Crowns are usually made out of ceramics and porcelains. They top teeth that have been badly damaged. They can also be referred to as caps. The main way a crown restores a tooth is by helping a damaged tooth regain its function and repair the damage.

Teeth Whitening – This is quite a common option when it comes to tooth restoration. The main thing you will hear from patients is that they hate the yellowing of their teeth. Anything from food, habits, lack of sleep, etc. can cause someone to have tooth discoloration. When that happens, a professional whitening is in order. Often times, teeth can be whitened up to 8 shades in one visit.

Dentures – Dentures have become a great option, especially for people who need all or entire rows of teeth removed. This can be more common in older patients. Longer, more drawn out surgeries can be dangerous for those of an older age, so dentures are an easy and safe option to go with.

There have only been a few options for tooth restoration listed above. However, there are countless more and many of us have experienced them, maybe without even knowing it.