Many of us, especially adults, experience some kind of wear on our teeth. This is because it’s a natural issue that can pop over time. However, there are some habits that may make tooth wear worse, over time, and more exaggerated than it would be on its own. These are the habits and actions you’ll want to stay away from to help protect your teeth from tooth wear.

What is Considered Tooth Wear?

Teeth can sometimes change shape, be worn away, etc. When the tooth itself starts to lose its natural form, change shape, get smaller, etc. this is considered tooth wear. This is usually in connection with the loss of a tooth’s surface rather than its enamel. Enamel is a different aspect to the tooth and not the tooth itself. Therefore, only when the tooth itself is wearing away is it considered tooth wear.


There is three types of tooth wear that are usually attributed to various causes of tooth wear. Abrasion is when teeth are worn away by something such as brushing or using your teeth to do actions such as opening containers, etc. In other words, acts that are not natural tasks such as chewing. The wear caused by such tasks is considered to be abrasion since abrasive actions are what caused the wear.


We all know that items such as soda can be highly acidic and wear away at our teeth. However, there are medical issues such as acid reflux that can also contribute to the wearing of our teeth. When it involves a substance that is more acidic or similar, that cause the teeth to be worn away, this is considered erosion since it’s erosive materials that caused the damage and tooth surface loss.


This is, perhaps, the most common cause of tooth wear. Many people have issues grinding their teeth which usually happens more in a person’s sleep than anything. Also, all of us chew on a daily basis which is also a cause for normal teeth wear that can be expected over a lifetime. However, both of these, grinding teeth and chewing, along with other similar actions, is referred to as attrition. Some of these are bad habits or issues that can be adjusted to help the tooth wear. However, actions such as chewing are normal and will cause a bit of natural wear on teeth that’s to be expected. The best way to ensure that chewing doesn’t do too much damage to your teeth is to eat healthier foods and be careful eating really hard foods that take a toll on your teeth even in the moment you’re chewing the substance.

Overall, it’s impossible to stop all tooth wear you’ll experience throughout your life as some of it is natural and expected. However, there are ways to help the process and lighten the load on your teeth. The information above should help guide you in those steps.