No matter what age a patient might be, there are a plethora of reasons why they may need a filling. However, the more common reason is due to decay or the tooth being partially rotted. This results in a portion of the tooth needing to be removed then replaced in order for it to be fixed. If the removed piece of tooth isn’t too big, it will be replaced, and the area filled with a filling.

What Are Filling Options?

There are a few other options that can replace a portion of a missing tooth. However, the most common of these choices is a filling. A filling is can often be made out of a few different materials. The two most common materials are amalgam and composite resin. Amalgam is usually the cheaper route to go however, it’s dark and the color of metal. This means that its appearance is not very appealing. It often looks like a block spot on the teeth when dry. Amalgam is very strong though and can last longer than most of the other material options for fillings.

A composite resin is one of the more popular materials for a filling as well. This type of filling is what’s referred to as a “tooth-colored” filling. This is because the color of the composite resin is the same color as teeth and blends in once dry. It truly acts and looks like nothing ever occurred in the mouth and offers a much nicer appearance than amalgam. It can be a little pricier and isn’t always covered on insurance. However, the cost isn’t much more and fillings of this caliber are easily covered out of pocket.

Why Choose Composite Resin Fillings?

As stated before, although amalgam is a tad cheaper and a tad stronger, tooth-colored fillings last for quite a long time and are strong enough to withstand the pressure of chewing and normal everyday use without noticing any difference. The main difference between the two options is their appearance. Amalgam fillings can be quite unsightly because they standout since teeth are whiter while it’s darker. This can still make it seem like there’s a cavity in the tooth due to appearance alone. However, tooth-colored fillings aren’t noticeable. No one will ever be able to tell, except a professional, that you’ve had a filling put in place. This fact alone makes it the best choice.

There’s a reason composite resin fillings are so popular these days. They leave your smile gorgeous and flawless which, in turn, leaves patients with more confidence. Not just that but, it makes it feel like money well spent on top of ensuring your smile is healthier for the effort.